“Through the trees” our litlg publication capturing the moods and ideas of what inspires our style of design will be released in January 2020.  The designers we feature in this mag are Sari Nordlund, Yuko Shimizu, Stella Egidi, Marion Em, Albina McLoughlin & Christopher McGovern.

We are currently planning our second publication based on the following theme “Mist | Rock | Sea” and have opened up design submission. Both publications reflect the mood and atmosphere of Life in the Long Grass, ancestral influences and the nature that surrounds us.   The whistling wind, rain sounds, sloping hills, bold mountains, walks in the forest, cold swims in the sea, firelight, singing rocks, misty trees, the silence of snowfall, wood logs, those moments when you connect to yourself and are glad to be alive.

Submissions for Mist | Rock | Sea LITLG Publication
We are opening up a call for design submissions over the coming weeks deadline  1st week in January  and you will need to have the finished garment/accessory done before the beginning of April.  We would like to keep the garment also.  We aim to pick between 6 to 10 patterns and we  pay well for your work.  We hand over your design rights 6 months after publication goes live which should be sometime around late Spring/early Summer 2020.

Check out our mood board here and send us in your design ideas to mag@litlg.com with drawings, photos, color reference, some notes and we will send you yarn support if you are picked.  For the design brief we are up for some mixing of textures, color-work, light airy garments, simple classic designs, positive ease, comfy DK and you will be using any of the following yarns.

Haze Lace
72% Kid Mohair 28% SilkA lace weight yarn which can be held double on it’s own or used with other yarns. Meterage: 450mWeight: 50g

Needles: 2-3.5mm

Moon Sock
80% Super wash Merino & 20% Silk
A fingering weight yarn: A soft, luxury bouncy yarn with a high twist and texture, it takes dye really well and it’s not as fine as Fine Sock or as glossy as Silk Merino but has a soft sheen.
Meterage: 365m (400yds)Weight: 100g

Needles: 2.5 – 4mm

BFL & Gotland
75% BFL 25% Gotland
A fingering weight yarn – A light gray base non-super washed, non scratchy pure wool yarn from small UK sheep farmers.
Meterage: 350m (382yds)Weight: 100g

Needles: 3mm – 4mm

SportMerino 100% Superwash Merino
Sport weight: Sturdy and textural stitches with good fabric structure.
Meterage: 300m (328yds)Weight: 100g

Needles: 3.25mm – 4.5mm

Tweed DKMerino & Nep DK weight:

85% Superwash Merino Wool
15% Donegal Nep

Meterage: 212m Weight: 100g

Needles: 3.25mm – 4.5mm

Fine Sock
75% Super-wash Merino/25% NylonA fingering weight yarn:  sturdy, fine 4ply yarn with a matt finish. Meterage: 425m (467yds)Weight: 100g
Needles: 2- 4mm
Merino Singles
100% Super wash Merino
A fingering weight yarn: A soft, single ply yarn with a slick sheen.
Meterage: 366m (400yds)Weight: 100g

Needles: 2.5 – 4mm


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